Tourist caught asleep on moving conveyor belt

10-08-2012 13:35

Security concerns have been raised at Fiumicino airport in Rome after a man was caught on x-ray sleeping on a moving conveyor belt.

The unnamed 36 year old man, believed to be an Norwegian tourist who appeared to have been drinking heavily.

Curled up in the foetal position, he travelled for around 50m before staff spotted him in the x-ray machine and security was called.

The man had arrived at Terminal 3 to check in for a flight to Oslo. After finding no one at the check-in desk , he reported to have leapt across the counter and loaded his luggage onto the belt before falling asleep next to it.

He never woke up once the belt started to move. After traveling round for a further 15 minutes he was arrested and taken to hospital to undergo medical checks after being exposed to the powerful and harmful x-rays.

The man is now facing charges causing alarm and he will now have to report to prosecutors at Civitavecchia.

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Tourist caught asleep on moving conveyor belt

10-08-2012 13:35

Drunk Norwegian Tourist Captured On Rome Airport X-Ray Scanner After Falling Asleep On Baggage Belt 

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